• eLearning

    Begins Monday, March 30th

    •   3/26/2020

    Dear Wonderful Parents,

                 Thank you for taking the time to speak with us this week. Each day we will be available during our office hours by email/Remind.  Login instructions for your child’s Classlink launchpad to use iReadyMyOn and AR (linked to MyOn) have been posted on our kindergarten webpage. Please have your student log in and ensure they have access to these programs.  Students are used to logging into Classlink ans are very capable of doing this independently. However, Myon is new for them and is located on the launchpad. Be sure to utitlze the recommended audiobook list we shared and your teacher has s ent out your child's Myon/Ar username and password. If you did not receive that information- please contact your child's teacher.

     For the week of March 30 – April 4, 2020, your little ones "Must Do" assignments are:

     Complete the iReady math diagnostic followed by the reading diagnostic to set their instructional path. It will be available automatically when they first login. Please allow ample time for this assessment and provide them with breaks if needed. However, please allow the student to complete this assessment independently as it will create a learning path based on their individual needs. Please make sure they have paper and pencil to do the math.   When the diagnostic is complete we encourage them to get familiar with MyOn and Read, Read, Read!  Please be sure AR tests are taken and they earn at least 2 points this week.  No iReady minutes are required this week after the diagnostics are completed. 

    See Side bars for some "Can Do" Activities

    For the week starting 4/6-4/10/2020 and each week following, your little ones "Must Do" assignments are:

    1. Complete 180 minutes of iReady reading
    2. Complete 180 minutes of iReady math
    3. Listen to Audiobooks (using the recommended book list) on MyOn and take a comprehension check on AR for the books they complete. We will be monitoring your child’s progress and would like to see your child read for 100 minutes per week and earn 2 AR points per week.

    See Side bars for some "Can Do" Activities

    We would love to receive pictures of your little ones working and/or pictures of his/her completed assignments.

    We know this may be a difficult time for our VES families. If you need any additional assistance please reach out. We will do our best to support your child as they continue their education even during these uncertain times.  Thank you for your support!

      😊😊😊 The Kindergarten Grade Team 😊😊😊