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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Dobson, LPN

Myakka River Elementary Health Clinic

Charlotte county schools are staffed with nurses to provide medical intervention and treatments in the school setting. The primary mission of the Charlotte County Public School Nurse is to promote and enhance the educational process for children and youth by assisting them to improve or adapt to their health status.  The nurse is located within the school to promote wellness and disease prevention by early identification of health problems that might interfere in the educational process.  As provided in the school setting, health services include identification of health problems, preventative health, which includes education, health maintenance, health screening, necessary therapeutic intervention, and first aid. 

Each school year, parents list medications, medical conditions, and allergies that are communicated to staff within the school.  The parents play a huge role in communicating any communicable illnesses, medical conditions, or medications to the school nurse.  With a doctor's orders, medications and treatments can be provided during the school day.  Please continue to inform the nurse of any concerns or changes in your child's health.

The links below are chapters from the school nurse manual that highlight the most frequent questions or concerns parents have in the school setting.