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Mrs. Landis

Since Kindergarten, I had the desire to be an Art Teacher!  I was definitely the child who was never bored because there was always a napkin somewhere on which to doodle or a box of crayons! My late Grandmother (Dot Lowa) is the artist who fostered my creativity during playdates while my older sister was running back and forth from dance class and younger at home with my mom.  She spent her winters in Florida and I have fond memories of painting everything from palm trees in watercolor to gingerbread at Christmastime. My family in addition to my art teachers at the elementary, middle, and high school levels also encouraged me to pursue my dreams. During my experience in Advanced Placement Art at Charlotte High School and an internship at Meadow Park and Punta Gorda Middle School I really had the chance to discover the ins and outs of the career side of Art Education.  I went on to study Art Education at the University of Central Florida where I was mentored by two exceptional Teachers (who were also Professional Artists) Dr. Tom Brewer and Walter Gaudnek. My internships were both at the middle and elementary level. I could hardly wait to begin teaching just months after I married my husband Danny after graduation!  

Shortly after, I began teaching at Port Charlotte Middle School where I stayed for two years.  I then moved to Peace River Elementary for the three years before the birth of my daughter.  I took a three year leave of absence (to stay home with her) before coming to SJES.  Sallie Jones is like no other school in Charlotte County!  The 7 habits "culture" makes all the difference in the world. This is my sixth year teaching at SJES and my daughter is now in third grade!  Having her here with me is SO special and really motivates me to create engaging lessons that I know she will also enjoy.  Ben, my two year old son, also already enjoys working with his hands.  Being a Parent in the classroom really does give me an appreciation for the "whole" child learning and growing in their own "style." One of the most rewarding parts of this "job" is working with Art Club students outside of school and in the community.  I feel that the students at SJES really do take pride in their work and this is all the more reason they jump at every opportunity to raise their own funding for supplies, etc. 

My mission as an Art Teacher is to develop and teach the art elements/principles of design along with art history and appreciation.  My students will be able to incorporate other disciplines into their hands on two and three dimensional art projects. Because our SJE students have GRIT, they will be able to take risks and grow through the process of construction criticism. They will also be their own advocate for the arts through involvement in the community and fundraising opportunities.