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Mrs. George

Welcome. I'm Mrs. George and I am a 1st Grade teacher at Sallie Jones Elementary School. I received my undergrad in Elementary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University with an endorsememt in ESOL too. I also received my Masters in Reading from the University of South Florida. 

"You can find magic whereever you look. Sit back & relax, all you need is a book." - Dr. Seuss

I believe in a classroom environment where children take ownership and active responsibility for their learning. In our room we will be leaders and a family where cooperative learning and engagement is the key to success.

* Virtual Learning Office Hours - 11:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m. Monday - Friday via Remind or email *

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many minutes does my child need to spend on iReady?

    Answer: Students should spend 36 minutes on iReady Reading and 36 minutes on iReady Math per day for a total of 180 minutes in each subject per week.

    2. Where do I find myON?

    Answer: On Classlink you will see a purple icon for myON.

    3. How many minutes should my child be on myON?

    Answer: Students should be reading for at least 20 minutes a day for a total of 100 minutes per week. They can take the AR test through the myON program. It is your choice if you want them spending more time. If so, I suggest breaking it up into a morning session and afternoon session. I will be monitoring scores and documenting minutes spent on the program.

    4. Can we read books from home and take an AR quiz?  

    Answer: Yes, the school has gotten permission to open up AR outside of school. On Classlink, click on the green R (Renaissance) to access AR for quizzes. I will be monitoring scores and documenting minutes spent on the program.

    5. What is required for virtual learning?

    Answer: iReady & myON are required by the district for 1st grade. We are required to monitor learning and document the minutes spent on the programs. 3 AR quizzes a week is suggested. 

    6. What else can my child do?

    Answer: Complete the required tasks first (iReady & myON). Then, work on sight words and math facts. Tumblebooks and Reflex Math are resources through Classlink. 

    7. Will my child be given anything extra?

    Answer: Yes, upon completion of the Ready assessments and after week 1 of virual learning, I will send out some suggestions for other resources. These are optional at your choosing. Social Studies Weekly & Science Weekly are great choices on Classlink. In addition, Brain Pop was just added to Classlink. 

    8. myON wants a username and password for the quiz, what is that?

    Answer: Their username is their 88 or 80 number and their first and last initial.
    Their password is their first and last initial and their birth year.
    Example: 88123456ac

    9. Does my child have to work during your office hours of 11:15-3:15?

    Answer: No. Your child can work any time of the day. During 11:15-3:15, I will be actively available to comminucate with you & answer questions.