Degrees and Certifications:

University of Florida - BAE 1992 University of Florida - MEd 1993

Mrs. Steelnack

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Mrs. Steelnack - 7th grade math 



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Supply List:

  • Loose leaf notebook paper
  • Pencils (we do only math in pencil)/Erasers (because we all make mistakes)
  • Thin folder with pockets (for handouts)
  • Basic calculator 

If possible, a donation of a box of tissues and/or a ream of copy paper would be greatly appreciated. :)


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Homework is assigned on a regular basis and is necessary to reinforce the skills taught in class. 


All grading is based upon a total points system. Parents and students are encouraged to check FOCUS regularly to monitor current grades.

Chapter tests                          200 points

Quizzes                                   50 - 100 points

FSA Practice                           20 – 50 points

Classwork/Homework            5 - 50   points