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Mrs. Kathleen Walsh

Hello, and welcome! I am Mrs. Walsh. I am Mrs. Walsh and I am teaching four World History classes and two Language Arts classes this year. I have been in the Charlotte County Public Schools for sixteen years, thirteen of them right here at PGMS. I was born in Boston, Mass. but raised in Ireland. I sometimes say use some expressions that you may not understand, but I try my best. I love to travel and go home to Ireland every summer. I spent many summers of my life in Windsor, England, where my best friend lived. In the past few years, my husband and I have been to the Czech Republic (three times), Hungary, Estonia, Finland (twice), Sweden, Poland, Germany (twice). and Austria. When I lived in Ireland I went to Spain, Portugal and Morocco a few times. I speak a language called Welsh (but not Irish!). I look forward to this year.


 I have returned to school and it is going well. I am trying to get my lesson plans on this page, and also class expectations. Keep checking back !!



    CHECK OUT THE PHOTO GALLERY !!! My new co worker, Buckley is there, as well as the 'infamous chickens' . Will keep adding photos as best I can. 


    THE BLOG : I will use the BLOG for some updates, so click on there when you can. There are some old archived stuff, look at the dates. I hope this works out well, we are all in this together.


    Google Classroom codes will be on the blog today as well.