Degrees and Certifications:

Coach Damico

I have been teaching Physical Education at PGMS for 21 years.  This year is the start to my 22nd year.  I also, coach Volleyball and track at PGMS and JV Volleyball at CHS.  I am the Wellness facilitator and program planners for exploratory teachers.   

  • You can find the Final Exam Study Guide on here under lesson plans,  it is in my google classroom, it is on remind and hard copies are on my PE table in the gymnasium.



    Track Tryouts Jan 11-29th    Track Meet on Jan 30th at 9:00 @ CHS


    Volleyball Tryouts Oct 26th-29th until 5:45

    Here are the google classroom codes to join my class.   This is a new journey that we must all learn together.  Please, be patient.


     Mindfulness Monday - gym   (yoga/meditation, stretching, heart rate, self care)   Fitness games or matball

    Intuitive Tuesday - computer room/weight room  ( ever-fi/one love,)   4 square or walk

    Walking Wednesday - Bus loop  (Walk & Talk, Walk & Jog)   kickball or walk

    Thriving Thursday - gym (steps/dots, agility fitness)     Fitness games, matball or 2 cone run

    Flexibility/Fun Friday - tennis court/blue tent/field  (fitness games and activities, walking)      4 square, soccer or walk

     You can reach me:  or  at my remind codes (see below)

    Coach Damico’s Google Classroom and Remind Codes

    Classes                                      Google Classroom                                                            Remind


    Period 1                                           pxohtiw                                                                 @89ff8e73kg


    Period 2                                           3ulmohv                                                                @778a4cce6d


    Period 3                                           nitsecs                                                                   @9fh8gk8dg4


    Period 4                                           6pmmtlt                                                                @87767b24kc


    Period 5                                           z7pvi7v                                                                   @9cbh8g7d3g


    Period 6                                           cel5g56                                                                   @698h6heh33


    We are unable to use the locker rooms as of right now.  Please, come dressed in comforable workout clothes and sneakers so that you can participate in the activity for the day.  When we are in the gym you must have mask on at all times.  We will take mask breaks when we are outside and social distancing more than 6 feet apart.

    This year will be different for some of you but we will do fine.   Please join google classroom and Remind, that is where I will be assigning assignments for the week.