Ms. Heather MacDonald

Phone: 941-255-7460 x296


Degrees and Certifications:

AA Elementary Education BA Elementary Education Certifications: Elementary Education Middle School Math 6-8 Middle School Science 6-8 Business Education 6-12 ESOL Endorsement MS Word 2013/2016 MS PowerPoint 2013 MS Excel 2016 MS Outlook 2016 IC3 Spark

Ms. Heather MacDonald

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Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

  • 4/6 - This week students will complete 50 minutes of typing at Typing Club.  They will also complete this weeks grades for their FOCUS Spreadsheet (not due until May 1). They will also complete Code Monkey - Dodo Does Math - Multiplication.  I have posted videos for all assignments in my Google Classroom.


    4/3 - Parents and students - I have placed a survey on my Google Classroom regarding what type of device you are using.  I have had many studnets claim they can not get into GMetrix from a ChromeBook for the assignment.  I have tested this (along with the other 8th grade compter teacher) and know that students can acccess the assignment. Students are not reading everything posted, or not following directions correctly to access assignments.  I have extended the due date of the GMetrix assignment to Monday (4/6) at midnight, but will not extend it any further.  


    4/3 - I have received some emails that students are having trouble with GMetrix. Please note that you must open a new tab in Chrome (on a Windows based device - including ChromeBook). Type into the URL box. Log in manually using your 8 digit number first/last initial (same as always) for username, and 8 digit number first/last initial and the number 1 (as always) for password. Once you are logged in, you can ONLY do the "Selected Response Test" You can not to the Skill Review or Core Practice Exam. I am only assigning the Selected Response Test as that is 100% web based and does not require any download.

    ***The due date for the GMetrix assignment has been extended to Monday 4/6 at midnight.


    4/2 - Reminder that you must have AT LEAST 50 minutes of typing done for this week by 5 pm tomorrow.  You also need to have the GMetrix assignment done by 5 pm tomorrow.

    Some of you have had troubles logging into GMetrix from the ChromeBooks.  Please try opening a new tab and typing into the URL (or follow the link I recently posted in Google Classroom).  I apologize for the confusion, but due to us not ever using the Chromebooks, there are things that I am learning as we go too. It is my understanding that when you tried going through Classlink, it was using wrong usernames and passwords to try and log into Gmetrix.  Hopefully this will be the fix. :) 

    I will be posting a copy of our Focus Spreadsheet in Google Classroom with instructions on how to complete it and turn it in.  It will be due monthly just as before - so you will only have to do April (possibly May) this way.

    I hope that you all are well and finding things to do to keep you busy. I will also open Code Monkey - Coding Adventures II for those that would like to keep moving on the CoffeeScript coding.  ****Please note this is NOT required, and you will need to do some self teaching to achieve 3 stars.



    3/31 - Good morning everyone! I have assigned a GMetrix training that is due on Friday. Please make sure that you watch the video to know how to access the Training and what Training you are to complete.

    Make sure that you spend 10 minutes typing today!


    3/30 - Good morning students and parents! Please note that I have been working with Remind to get my classes to populate, but with all teachers using Remind, I don't want to add to the many text messages you are receiving from multiple teachers.  I will post assignments and expectations both here on my website, as well as in Google Classroom for each period.

    We will continue to use GMetrix (modified web based - so no need for any download), and our Focus Spreadsheet (I will post a video on how you can access your P drive - for those that do not know how to access this drive).  We will have some fun and easy Code Monkey assignments using Block coding. I will also have a couple of Excel assignments that will be turned in via Google Classroom.

    If you have any problems or questions, my office hours will be:
    Monday -> 7 am - 11 am
    Tuesday -> 8 am - 12 noon
    Wednesday -> 4pm - 8 pm
    Thursday -> 4 pm - 8 pm
    Friday -> 11 am - 3 pm

    This means that I will be available via email for parents or students.  Please make sure that if you send an email from FOCUS, that you have a valid email address for me to respond to. I will respond as soon as I have an answer for you during my office hours.  If you send an email BEFORE or AFTER my office hours, I will respond with one day.

    For those of you that would like to continue in GMetrix on your certification, I will post a video on how to download Office 2019 and GMetrix to a Windows based PC or laptop. If you have a MacBook or Chromebook, you will not be able to download the Office 2019 programs.



    3/29 - Please see Google Classroom for instructions to download Office 2019 and GMetrix.  ***Not required for assignments, but available for those that would like a free install of Office 2019 and/or would like to continue practicing for certification.


    3/25 - Good day students and parents! I have set up Google Classroom for all of my classes and sent an invite to your email. If you do not have email access, here are the class codes for each period.

    Goggle Classroom Codes

    Period 2 - ufpcfbu

    Period 3 - j4azmgw

    Period 4 - xazhwoh

    Period 5 - gyf34pr

    Period 6 - 4ypcjqo

    Period 7 - irf5bmn 

    Please take a moment and sign into Google Classroom for your daily/weekly assignments.

    You are welcome to continue to work in Typing Club ( as this will be part of your daily assignment.