• Goal #1

    Meadow Park students will increase their cardiovascular endurance this year which will be evidenced by the increasing of their PACER scores by 20-40 percent from what they score when they start school. They will take a pretest in August and they will take their final test in May.

    This means that a student in 4th or 5th grade will formulate a goal based on the amount of PACER they run at the beginning of the year.

    ex. If a 4th grade student runs 42 PACER's in their pretest and they and they set their goal to be able to run 54 by the end of the year they are shooting for a 30 percent increase which is very reasonable.

    Our K and 1st grade students may make even higher gains as they may start out only running 5-7 and could double to 10-14 reaching a 50 percent increase.


    We will achieve this goal at Meadow Park by practicing interval running at least once every month a long distance runs every week. We will perform a variety of team relay PACER activities as well to provide for a more fun way to improve our cardiovascular endurance.

  • Goal #2

    Our Meadow Park students will learn basic crossfit activities which will enable them to participate in physical activity whenever they want without any equipment. This will allow our students to develop a way to manage the amount of calories that they burn in a day by performing these basic activities for a certain amount of time.

    The basic crossfit activities that we will be learning this school year are..

    Squats, Lunges, Burpees, Pushups, Jump Rope, Box Jumps

    These six basic crossfit acitivities can give you a full body workout and depending on the intensity they are performed at can massively speed up your metabolism. Our students will be taught how to modify these activities if they need to make them easier until they develop their muscle strength. They will learn these activities individually and progress to performing them in a circuit style which is how crossfit workouts are typically performed.