Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. in Elementary Education from USF Certified by the State of Florida to teach: Special Education Middle Grades English Elementary Education

Mrs. Kelley Powell


Welcome back everyone!   I am excited to begin my 3rd year at L.A. Ainger.   Class lists are still under development but I do know I will be teaching the 8th graders in the CD ESE Unit.   Many of you started your middle school career the same time as myself and we all have grown and changed these past two years.   Your last year will be filled with more growth as you are prepared for High School!

Open House is going to be Friday August 6th.   7/8th Grade is 2 to 4:30pm.   Please come by and visit!   You'll get to meet my daughter Katie if you stop by.   You can drop off supplies at that time.   The list should display below or can be found on the tab Class Documents.

Chromebooks will not be supplied to each student this year.   School will return to the previous practice of assigning sets to teachers.  I will be inquiring on available technology at home so I can ensure I don't create assignments they might not be able to do at home.   Some programs just require a smart phone to access.

I will be updating this information in the next few weeks after class lists have been finalized.    I did want to provide a school supply list for those who wish to get started shopping now.   You'll notice more things than last year.    I've depleated much of my stockpile but I don't want to create any financial hardship on your household so reach out to me if there are things you're unable to provide.   The past two years have helped me learn what works and doesn't work so I have been specific on most items which I explain on the list.

My email is


Remind is the communication program Charlotte County Schools has chosen to communicate with families.   For those unfamiliar with Remind you can recieve annoncments from myself or the school, text me or call during allowed hours from the application.  I am often up late so never hesitate to send a message late in the evening.   I do limit when I can be called because Katie is going to be in kindergarten and once I'm home it's mommy mode.  However, if you text and need me to call we can coordinate.  You can access the Remind application via their website or download the app to your phone or tablet device.  Since the distrcit created groups are based on classes I create a Remind group that contains all students.  This makes sending messages easier on my end so I don't have to go to multiple courses.  The class code for this year is @keh3fg     If you already have a Remind account the system automatically places you into the groups for your child's class that year but this class I created needs to be joined.  When you set up your Remind account PLEASE ENABLE THE CALLING FEATURE.   This will allow you to call me during office hours or myself to contact you.

Looking forward to challenging the kids even more than ever!

Kelley Powell


WANT TO HELP ME EARN MONEY FOR THE CLASSROOM?   STAPLES is currently allowing 20% of purchases to be donated to a teacher's classroom rewards account.   It's easy to do!

If you shop at Staples please create a rewards account if you don't already have one.   Verify at check out but I think I have the directions correct.   After you have made your purchase go to   You log in with your rewards account information.  There should be a spot Give Back to your Community.   Click and then put in the school name (Ainger is all you need).  Click our school name then find my name (Kelley Powell)   Use the scroll bar to decide how much to donate and BAM!  All done!   I then have several months to use the funds.   This is one way I fund the supplies I provide to students who don't have them.   Your child will tell you I will always give them whatever items they need.   All it takes is a few minutes of your time!

PLEASE NOTE:  I am not trying to promote a specific business over another just make you aware of a program that I am a participant.   As a bargain hunter I have found this is where I do most of my supply shopping especially folders and notebooks.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.