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Mrs. Powell

Families please bear with me as I learn how to create my teacher webpage.  My hope is all are hanging in there!  I know it's not always easy being together at home all the time!   I have found adding the humor of calling each other coworkers helps.   I have a 4 year old daughter, Katie and she is adjusting to being at home as well.  Lots of Paw Patrol has been watched!

During this time of virtual learning the district requires teachers to be available a minimum of 4 hours per school day.  As many of you know I utilize the Remind application/website and will respond at various times of day.  However the times that I have set aside to focus on responding to students, reviewing assignments and other duties are going to be the same every day.

     OFFICE HOURS  Monday - Friday  

          9:30 am  to  11:30 am      and     

            1:30 pm  to  3:30 pm


My email is


Remind is the communication program Charlotte County Schools has chosen to communicate with families.   You can access via their website or download the app to your phone or tablet device.  For those who have not joined I have a class created for this year so all the students are in one group and that code is @e8kc4cb     When you log in there will probably be all the other coures available to join your child is enrolled in at LAM.   When you set up your Remind account PLEASE ENABLE THE CALLING FEATURE.   This will allow you to call me during office hours or myself to contact you.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we take this new adventure in learning and life!

Kelley Powell

  • Student's have beein invited to join their assigned Google classes they have with me so they should only need to accept.   Students will need to join their Google Class for their exploritory course.


    Classes that must be joined by ALL STUDENTS are:

    Learning Strategies  Code: 4sttl6h (letter L not number 1)

    Social Emotional  Code:  rcoamo6  (letter 0 not number 0)


    Classes that only 7th Graders (Joslyn & Kayleann) must join:

    Language Arts - 7th Grade ONLY  Code: m3glmht (letter L not number 1)

    Math - 7th Grade ONLY  Code:  fdzcrwt

    Life Science - 7th Grade ONLY  Code:  57eg12i (it is the number 1 not letter L)

    Civics - 7th Grade ONLY  Code:  pckrunj


    Class all 6th Graders must join:

    World History - 6th Grade ONLY  Code:  55cji74


    Classes 6th Graders must join (all but Richard Bennett)

    Earth / Space Science - 6th Grade Only   Code:  zyj33dj

    Math - 6th Grade ONLY   Code:  kmishaz


    Classes 6th Graders must join (all but Richard Bennett & Alex Spence)

    Language Arts - 6th Grade ONLY   Code:  2kt42ip



    Teacher- Ostrow,  Class - Intermediate Band 3rd Period    CODE:  lgjqn6f    (Kayleann's class)

    Teacher - Mangone, Class - Culinary 3rd Period    CODE:  svhvbfl  (Joslyn's class)

    Teacher - Dausy, Class - STEAM 3rd Period    CODE:  leccv7p  (Julian's class)

    Teacher - Lanham, Class - PE 3rd Period    CODE:  wiujac4  (Regina & Jackie's class)

    Teacher - Keisling, Class - PE 3rd Period    CODE:  wvyiuol  (Trenten, Gio, Jose, Gabriel, Alex and AJ's class)

    Teacher - Johnstone, Class - Computers 1st Period    CODE:  udgvzdp  (Richard's class)