Mrs. Kelly Cason

Phone: I will not be at school so please do not leave a message on my school phone.


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kelly Cason

Teacher - Second Grade

I will be available between 9:30 and 1:30, Monday through Friday.

Please reach me through Remind or send an e-mail.  Thank you.

  • Dear Students,


    YOU did it!! YOU made it to the end!  Just a few more days until... SUMMER VACATION!!!




    Don't forget to take care of your materials - 

    End of the year - "Pack your Bags"!

    Second grade - Friday, May 29, 10:00 - 12:00 on the bus circle. You will stay in the car. 

    - Your personal things and workbooks have already been packed and are ready to be picked up.

    - If I still owe you a Scholastic book (Christmas gift), it will be waiting for you. (Shipping is take a LLLLOOOONNNGGG time.  If they're not here by Friday, then expect it when you get to school in August.)  

    - If you have a yearbook, it will be given to you.  They are also available for $20.00


    YOU pack and bring - 

    Chromebook and charger

    Library books

    Family center books


    Parents - If you cannot make this time due to work, call the office to make other arrangements. 



    New Science assignment for the week.  NONE!!!!   :)


    Dear Students,

    This was a very different ending for all of us.  I am sorry that I did not get to see you during these past two months. You were a wonderful group of second graders and I very much enjoyed the time that we did have together.  I'm sorry, but I will not be at the school on Friday to personally wave goodbye. Over this break, we sold our house and are moving to Missouri. We needed to be there before June, so I had to leave early and finish on the road!  I will be living and traveling in an RV while we build a house on our new lot.  It's a big lot with many trees and a creek running along the back edge.  I will get to see autumn leaves and snow again!  I am retiring this week and leaving East after many wonderful years of teaching. Thank you for being such a wonderful group to have as my last group at East.  I know you'll do well next year.  I will miss you. 

                     Love, Mrs. Cason











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