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    Here you will find information about both the Programming and Visual Design courses.

    To Contact: 

    If you have questions about the program or need more information that you cannot find on this page feel free to email me at Jeremy.Green@yourcharlotteschools.net.

    About Me:

    I have been teaching game design at CTC since 2010.  My passion for game design began when I was 11 years old.  I was given a TRS-80 for Christmas and learned to program in Basic to create animations, art, and music.  In high school, I bought a Commodore Amiga 500, which I also used to continued to create 2D graphics and animations, music and games. In college I learned to build computers, took programming classes in C++, learned to make webpages using HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP and Javascript.  I was hired as a graphic artist and web developer.  I then began teaching myself to modify games using the quake and unreal engines, including new player skins, animations, levels and scripting.  It was at this time I chose to go back to school at Full Sail University to get a degree in Computer Animation.  Since that time I have worked at various jobs using programming while continuing to develop art, animation and programming to create apps in Flash and Unity that run on PC and mobile.  I enjoy the freedom and creativity that making games affords to entertain and express ideas and look forward to sharing my experience and passion with my students.

  • Instructor Program Highlights

    In the first year of both Game/Simulation/Animation Programming and Visual Design you will learn some fundamentals of computer use before diving into the history of game development.  You will learn to differentiate types of games, the process of making games, how to engage and motivate players, and understand the legal and moral implications of design and monetization.  You will be given an introduction to the creation of art in both 2D and 3D using Photoshop, Animate, Maya and Mudbox while becoming familiar with using the assets in the Unity game engine. 

    In the second year of Programming we will dive into learning C# and the core concepts of object orientated programming while using variables, functions and classes to create interactive simulations and games that will run on computers, tablets, and phones that are intended to be experienced as single and multiplayer applications.

    In the second year of Visual Design students will learn to extend their 2d and 3d art and animation abilities with a more in depth study of character modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation, with attention to proper anatomy and topology to create believable art assets that sustain the suspension of disbelief for story and entertainment in games and smiulations.

    Potential Careers for Programming:

    Potential Careers for Visual Design


    Industry certifications include Adobe Animate and Adobe Photoshop for both programs with the option of taking the MTA Software Development Fundamentals for programmers and coming soon the Unity Certified User certification.