Mr. Green

Phone: 941-255-7500 ext 119


Degrees and Certifications:

Adobe Certified Associate - Photoshop Adobe Certified Associate - Flash Adobe Certified Associate - Animate Adobe Certified Associate - Dreamweaver Associates of Science in Computer Animation - Full Sail University - 2004 Bachelor of Biblical Ministry - Ozark Christian College - 2000

Mr. Green

I have been programming and animating using a computer since I was about 11 years old on my TRS-80, using Basic to write programs that would create animations.  Later in high school I used Deluxe Paint on my Amiga 500 computer to create digital art and animations.   I have worked on mods for games such as Unreal Tournament, Quake, and Half-Life.  I have designed levels for games using several game engines including the Unreal engine, Torque, the Quake series and Unity.  I have developed characters, character animations and skins for various games.  I have created games from the ground up using Flash and Unity.  I have done coding throughout my career that included creating web pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP, and SQL.  I have also used languges such as C++, C#, Actionscript, and Visual Basic to create programs and apps for productivity and game design.

I enjoy the creative freedom that game design affords to take any hobby, interest or content and turn it into an interesting, dynamic and rich experience that can engage, teach, entertain and enrich our lives.  I enjoy teaching, but I also enjoy learning.  Seeing something you have created work for the first time on a computer, a tablet or phone is rewarding experience that can motivate you to want to be a life long learner and to engage the world around you and see the world around you in new ways.  I look forward to sharing this vision with my students through the game design process and the sparking the creative vision needed to take ideas from the world around us into the digital age.