• Discipline Policy


    Sallie Jones Elementary Discipline Policy

    Sallie Jones Elementary has a positive discipline plan for students.  This plan is based on the belief that students react favorably to positive reinforcement.  Positive reinforcement allows teachers to increase academic time and administrators can significantly decrease the amount of punishments and suspensions.  Teachers and administration follow the Charlotte County Public Schools Code of Conduct for student discipline.
     UNIFORMS:  The way we dress influences our attitude about our work and ourselves.  When students are dressed appropriately for school, they know it’s time to learn.  Our dress code will provide students with a feeling of pride and unity.  Students will wear red, orange, white or navy blue polo shirts and navy or khaki bottoms.  Tennis shoes must be worn every day.  The principal or the principal’s designee request that students’ apparel conform to the established Sallie Jones Elementary School Board Approved Uniform Dress Code Policy.  When it is determined that a student’s clothing does not comply with the dress code or is disruptive, a parent/guardian may be asked to bring an appropriate change of clothes to school, a student may be sent home to change clothes (Code of Conduct, p. 17), or a loaner uniform will be given to the student to wear.  See the Sallie Jones Elementary School Board Approved Uniform Dress Code Policy for more information.

    “PBS” AND POSITIVE DISCIPLINE:  We use a school-wide approach to increase positive social behaviors and to decrease levels of physical and verbal aggression for students.  Students at this age have skills and performance deficits in the area of social skills.  A component of this plan is PBS (Positive Behavior Support) that includes giving incentives (red tickets) for students displaying “Marvelous Manners.”  Students receive rewards for the good choices they make and for showing good character/manners like honesty, kindness, empathy, understanding, and helpfulness.  In the cafeteria, classrooms have the opportunity to earn “The Table of Honor” for following cafeteria expectations.  Along with this plan, the guidance counselor provides classroom lessons dealing with positive ways to handle topics such as:  peer pressure, bullying, being a friend, and handling feelings.
    NUMEROUS CLASSROOM INCENTIVES (including, but not limited to):  Tiger Tags, Tiger Dollars, Bug Points, Swamp Dollars, Fun Friday, “I See You” Doing the Right Thing Tickets, Homework Stars, Student of the Week, Puff of Praise, Office Visits, Balloons that Fly Up To the Sun, and Verbal Praise.