• Class Syllabus and supply list

    About the Ancient Civilizations Class

    About the Ancient Civilizations Class

    (2017-18)(Mr. Yingling)

    There will be a class set of textbooks used in class. We are starting the year with the previous textbooks, but those should be changed out to new textbooks soon. If there is any helpful information about the new textbook, check my Teacher Website which you can access through the PCMS website at http://portcharlottemiddle.net/ I try to update homework and classroom assignments every day.

                Course Description

    In this course, we will study the history, geography, culture, and influences of the world’s ancient civilizations.

    Semester 1 – Pre-history, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and others as time permits

    Semester 2 – Finish Greece, Rome, China, India, and others as time permits

    Supply List for Mr. Yingling’s class (2016-2017)

    -Pack of pencils (already sharpened if possible)

    -Blue or black ink pens

    -A full pack of lined notebook paper

    - 1 pair of student scissors

    - packs of 3X5 flash cards

    - Pack of colored pencils

    -A donation of facial tissues would be greatly appreciated

    Feel free to E-mail me if you have questions at jeff.yingling@yourcharlotteschools.net or call the front office (255-7460) and leave a voicemail message whenever you have questions or concerns.