The  AP College Board defines the AP Program as “a collaborative effort among  motivated students, dedicated teachers, and committed high schools, colleges,  and universities.  Since its inception in  1955, the AP Program has allowed millions of students in thousands of schools  worldwide to take college-level courses and exams, and to earn college credit  or placement while still in high school.”   Port Charlotte   High School is committed  to providing students opportunities to experience these rigorous and  academically demanding courses.  While AP  courses may be offered in the same subject area as the standard curriculum, the  AP curriculum may vary from the standard curriculum content since that content  is based upon College Board guidelines.   In general, AP courses are more specialized and go into greater depth  than regular courses in the same subject area.   AP courses provide a curriculum which culminates in a national  examination in May.  Students earning  acceptable scores on the AP exam earn college credit as determined by their  respective colleges or universities.  It  is required that students enrolled in AP classes take the AP exam offered in  May of each school year.