Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning Options (ACCEL): 

    ACCEL:  Academically Challenging Curriculum to Enhance Learning Options

    ACCEL Options provide academically challenging curriculum or accelerated instruction to eligible public school students in grades K-12. Whole grade and midyear promotion, subject matter acceleration, virtual instruction in higher grade level subjects and courses can be provided to eligible students. In addition, there is the existing credit acceleration program (CAP).  All students can participate in CAP.  This allows students who are not enrolled in certain courses to receive high school credit for a course if they take and pass the course’s EOC assessment.

    Eligibility in ACCEL requirements include appropriate test scores, grades and/or grade point average, attendance record, discipline record, and teacher and guidance counselor recommendation. Exercising the ACCEL Option must be congruent with class size requirements. Transportation to another facility is the responsibility of the parent. Students accepted into the ACCEL Option must have a performance contract including compliance with attendance and conduct requirements and other areas of compliance established by the principal in conjunction with the District Office.


    4 credits ELA

    4 credits mathematics

    3 credits science

    3 credits social studies

    1 credit fine arts

    3 credits electives

    Physical Education:  not required

    Online Course:  not required

    Assessment:  same as 24 credit program

    Grade Point Average:  same as 24 credit program