• Classroom Management

     In Kindergarten it is so important to emphasize a positive learning environment so that all students can be successful learners.  Classroom and school rules are modeled and practiced many times throughout the year.  My Positive behavior plan encourages on-task behavior.

    The rules for the classroom are:

    Good Choices

    Act responsibly

    Treats others with respect

    Outstanding effort

    Ready to learn

    Our classroom folows a 5-color clip chart for behavior. The colors represent:

    Purple - WOW! Amazing Day!

    Green - Great Day

    Blue - Ready to Learn

    Orange - Think About It (need to make better choices)

    Red - "Park it!" - Parent contact

    When students make good choices throughout the day they can "move their clip up" Good choices include trying hard or  using the 7 Habits. When students make poor choices or need constant reminders they will "move their clip down." Students whose clip end on purple at the end of the day are given a "punch" in their positive behavior card. Once their card is filled, a student will earn one prize from the classroom treasure box.

    My goal is to provide a positive experience for my students.  Each day every student will begin on "blue" for they are "Ready to Learn." This gives students an opportunity to take ownership of their behavior each and every day.