• Edmodo






    1. ALWAYS GO TO EDMODO THROUGH OUR OMEGA HOMEWORK PAGE (found near the bottom of the page).  It will take you directly to http://ccps-fl.edmodo.com 

    2. Login is found on the upper right corner of the page.

    3. Click Login with ClassLink -   Occasionally, the student will need to enter their CCPS email which is 8_ _ _ _ _ _ _@yourcharlotteschools.net   and the password they use to get into ClassLink, etc.



    THE FIRST TIME THAT A STUDENT LOGS IN  - follow the above instructions, but there are a few additional windows to get through.

    A. Click "New to Edmodo"

    B. Click "Go to Online Class"

    C. X out the Security to Parents -  Families can access Edmodo anytime they want by using their child's email/password

    D. Click Join a Class (On the left side of the page after the list of all the classes) 

    E. The Class Code is 6aa5ut or  if that doesn't work, try    iditsu

    F. You should not need to do A-E again. 

    Appropriate comments are expected.  
    • Only one exclamation or question mark per sentence 
    • Replies that answer the question
    • Interesting and school-appropriate comments
    • Reasonable spelling and punctuation
    • Full sentences are encouraged


    Why we don't have parent accounts

    The parent accounts are to aid in keeping up with the students' grades and the correspondences between student and teacher. In OMEGA, we don't do assignments that generate grades. You have access to your child's account any time you wish. All comments submitted by students are first cleared by Mrs. Liermann before they are posted.