• How You Can Help

    Help us raise money for Liberty in the following ways...
    We get 5% Back to Liberty everytime you shop at Office Depot. Make sure you tell them our school ID # every time you shop and ask them to apply your purchases to Liberty.
    Our school ID # is 70023603
    Take Charge of Education Program. Get a target credit card, or if you have a Target Credit Card, make sure you designate Liberty as your school. Up to 1% of purchases go to Liberty.
    Attend Liberty Spirit Night every month from 5pm to 8pm.
    Kids will bring a sticker reminder home the day of the events. Liberty receives 20% of the evenings sales.
    Turn your shopping trip into cash for Liberty and ask your friends to do the same. Clip and send in box tops logos from hundreds of products like Cheerios, Kleenex, Huggies, and more.
    Clip and earn one point for your school. Look for the label for education on Campbell's Soups and other Campbell's products. Clip and bring the labels in to the office.
    Collect 20 Sunny D labels and get 20 books for the classroom free. We need to collect as many as we can. The top 10 schools win 100's of free books.
    We recycle printer cartridges at Liberty. Send in your used/empty printer cartridges from home or work. We earn cash for cartridges. Different brands earn different amounts.

    Plastic bottle caps

    Send in bottle caps. We are collecting to get them made into park benches for our school.

    Soda Can TABS

    Send in soda can tabs. We collect and give to Ronald McDonald House in Tampa.