• Argumentative essay and outline

                    Education for many is important, but for others it is more of a nuisance. Considering that adults spend most of their time working it is important to have a job that is enjoyed, income amount is sufficient, and many employment opportunities exist. Students should be required to stay in school until they are 18.
                    To begin with, after school adults will be spending the majority of the time working. If a student drops out of school, they may have a lower job satisfaction. This can have a negative impact over the course of his or her life. It has also been stated that those with lower job satisfaction may have a higher likelihood of ending up in jail or on public assistance. Requiring students to stay in school will give more job opportunities allowing for a higher chance of being satisfied in the workforce.
                    In addition, the income differences based on education is astounding. According to the 2009 U.S Department of Education the average income of a high school dropout is $19,540 and the income of a high school diploma is $27,380. That is a big difference in a yearly earning. Students, if they are not required to stay in school until they are 18 may not be aware of how their choice will negatively hurt their financial future.
                    Furthermore, by having a high school diploma, the amount of job opportunities will be greater. Individuals who have a high school diploma have greater job opportunities. Continuing on, those who graduate from high school also have been found to have less unemployment issues. Having a high school diploma will help to have a more successful future.
                    On the other hand, although many individuals agree that students should stay in school until they are 18 there are some individuals who disagree.  It has been mentioned that forcing students to stay in school when they do not want to be there can cause problems for teachers and other students as well. In this situation it may be beneficial for certain students to drop out of school.
                    In conclusion, education is a door to our future. Having a job after school that is enjoyed is important, along with having a good income, and the opportunity for different jobs is essential to a successful future. Students should be required to stay in school until they are 18.
    Introduction- Start with grabber
                               State 3 reasons
                               End with Claim
    1st Body Paragraph, 2nd Body paragraph, 3rd Body paragraph
    -Use Transition-To begin with, In addition, Furthermore, (example transitions- may use              others)
     - Restate first reason
    - Support with evidence from source
    - Concluding Sentence
    4th Body paragraph
    • Use transition, On the other hand, However, Continuing on,
    • State Counter Claim
    • Support with evidence
    • Concluding Sentence
                    -Use transition
                    -Restate reasons
                    - Restate claim.