• Language Arts Class Procedures and Expectations



    Mrs. Hedges


    Language Arts Class Procedures and Expectations 

    2023-2024 Syllabus

    Welcome Back!! 


    Class Rules and Procedures: 


    1. The class rules follow the school rules that are stated in the students’ handbook along with the code of conduct. These are to be followed at all times.  

           2. Students are to enter the room quietly, take his or her seat, and begin the “Do-Now” activity. Students may not be out of their seats without permission (sharpening pencils and/or borrowing materials are to be done quickly, quietly, and in a non-disruptive manner at this time).  


          3. Students are permitted to use the restroom between classes; however, it is the student’s responsibility to be on time and prepared for class. Tardiness to class will result in a verbal warning for the first time. Chronic tardiness to class will be dealt with on an administrative level. 


          4. To help maintain a clean and insect free environment, gum, candy, food, and/or drinks are not permitted to be consumed in the classroom. This especially includes open drinks from lunch that the students did not finish.  

          5. The school dress code will be enforced. Chronic violations will be dealt with at a team and/or administrative level. 

           6. For privacy issues, no cameras or cell phones are to be used in class. Cell phones must be turned off and put away. Ipods, mp3 players, and other means of technology are to be turned off and not used during class. 




    1. Discipline is followed in accordance with the discipline plan as stated in the student’s handbook and the student code of conduct and will be dealt with according to the situation. 

           2. Classroom discipline may include, but is not limited to: 

                 -Verbal warning 

                 - Removal from room  

                 - Further action from the teacher and/or administrator 






    1. Students are responsible for bringing all necessary materials to class daily. Chronic failure to bring materials to class may result in disciplinary action. In Language Arts, it is asked that students have a planner, lined paper, a pencil, a black or blue pen, 3 different colored highlighters, tissues, hand sanitizer, a personal reader that is school appropriate, colored pencils, and a personal pencil sharpener. 



    Rest Room Use 


    1. Students should use the restroom before coming to class. However, students are able to use the bathroom during the first 10 minutes of class after getting permission from the teacher. Students are responsible for any work they miss.  




    1. Grades are given based upon a total points formula. 

                   Grade = Total points earned/ Total points possible 


    1. Most classwork and homework assignments usually vary between 50-100 points. (*Please note: although these assignments carry the lowest point value, there are quite a few of the assignments and the points do add up quickly. Failure to complete numerous classwork and/or homework assignments could have a negative impact on your grade.) 


    1. Projects are usually of greater value because of the time and effort involved and will usually be scored between 200-300 points. 


    1. It is important for students to know how they are doing in class. All work is returned to the students so that they are able to keep track of their grades. Students should check FOCUS weekly to make sure that all assignments have been turned in.




         Be Prompt         Be Prepared            Be Polite            Be Positive