• Supplies



    what do you mean you have no paper, pencil or book? what did you think we were doing today?

    Please bring ONLY the following supplies to math class each & every day.

    If it is NOT on the list, DO NOT bring it…

    (2)       Folders, with 3-prongs and pockets (1 for fall/1 for spring)

    (1)       Package of Colored Pens, not pencils (Twist-up are fine)

    (1)       Composition Notebook                                                                                          

    (1)       Package of loose-leaf/lined paper 

    (1)       Pencil case with 3-holes for binder (to be kept in class)

    (1)       Box of tissues

    Many, many pencils, lead; plenty of erasers

    *** Optional: calculator, pencil sharpener, small planner/notebook (pocket-sized)