• Cougar Accountability Points (CAPs)


    Cougar Accountability Points (CAPs)

    Cougar Accountability Points play an important part of our daily routines and procedures.  I will be focusing on skills that are necessary for being successful, not only in school, but for life.  You will earn 100 points at the start of each quarter.  You earn or lose points depending on the following routines and procedures.  You are expected to:

    • BE Punctual
    • BE Prepared
    • HAVE A GOOD Attitude
    • SHOW Respect
    • BE Engaged & NOT make/or create a disruption
    • MAINTAIN Focus & NOT make/or be a distraction

    ________ (initial please) ****IMPORTANT NOTE: Any student whose name appears on a guest teacher’s note for unacceptable behavior WILL automatically receive a Problem Plan Sheet and/or a referral upon my return.

    How it works…

    1st intervention: You and I will have a conversation and options for improvement will be discussed.  These options may include a Problem Plan Sheet, in addition to Time to REFOCUS

    2nd intervention: PPS, Time to REFOCUS, and may include a phone call home

    3rd intervention: PPS, Refocus, a phone call home AND a detention OR office referral

    This is a work in progress…Working together will help YOU to be as successful as can be!  If your parent/guardian has any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to have them contact me at 697-5800 ext. 219 to address their concerns.

    ~Mrs. Morella