• AR


    ImageAccelerated Reader (AR) is a program in which students choose books they are interested in, read them independently, then take tests on the computer.  This is not part of the students' reading grade; however, this reading practice is vitally important for students to develop their reading skills.

    I expect each student to spend 30 minutes reading at home every day.  This is the most important homework they will have.

    Four books will be required each quarter, one every two weeks.  The books must be worth at least 3 points each.  (In the first quarter only, students may choose two books that add up to three points.)  Students who meet the requirement for the quarter should continue reading every day. Every student must have a book they are currently reading with them in school every day.

    Quarter    Due Dates 

     September 15

     September 29

     October 13 

     October 27



     November 10

     November 24

     December 8

     December 22



     January 19

     February 2

     February 16

     March 2



     March 30

     April 13

     April 27

     May 11

    Students must read at least three Sunshine State books by the end of the third quarter.  If the Sunshine State books chosen are worth at least 3 points, they will also count toward the regular reading requirement.  Additionally, one short biography is required each month, due on the last school day of the month.

    I will keep track of the books students read on a chart.  Students will also keep track on their own chart which is in their Google ELA classroom.  If a student has not finished and passed the test on a book by the due date, I will note this in the student's Assignment Book.  Parents should ensure that students are reading daily to meet their requirements.