• Behavior Management


         CHAMPS is a proactive behavior management system that I will use to establish clear classroom expectations for students’ behavior throughout the school day.  In conjunction with this, I have a student leader who will review the expectations at several points in the day.  If the class has met most of the expectations, they earn a link on a chain.  After a certain number of links have been earned, the class will be rewarded with a fun activity. 

        On an individual basis, we will use the online program LiveSchool in which students will earn points for positive behavior choices and receive demerits for poor choices.  Students can earn rewards using the points they accumulate.  Parents, you can access this program through the internet to see how your child is behaving in school each day.

       Students who have no late work or make-up work and have had good behavior for the week will be rewarded with “Success Time" at the end of the day on Fridays.  Students having difficulty with their behavior will be required to write a note explaining their behavior and how they plan to improve.  These situations will be handled privately between the teacher and the student.