• Contact the Teacher


    There are several ways you can contact me.  No matter which method you choose, I will always respond to you by the next day if not sooner, unless I am absent.  If you have not heard back from me by the following day, I must not have received your message for some reason, so please try again.  I would never knowingly ignore a parent's message.
    My preferred method of contact is email.  If your message is NOT of a confidential nature, you may email me at dorothy.spelman@yourcharlotteschools.net.  Keep in mind that some days I do not have a chance to check my email until after school.
    If you have not yet joined our Remind class, please do so.  Our class code is @spel229.  Through Remind, you can call me or text me.
    You may call me at school (255-7590) at any of the following times:
    7:40 -   8:10
    8:45 - 9:20
    3:20 -   3:50
    You may leave a message on the answering machine, but please be aware that I only check my messages after school.  If you have an urgent message, leave the message with the office staff.note_md_clr.gif
    You may also send me a note or write a message in your child's Assignment Book.  If you are changing how your child will be going home from school, please write a note on a separate piece of paper that can be sent to the office.