• Class Information

    *Grade 3-Ms.Mearns Class Schedule, Rules, & Discipline Plan 2015-2016

    Daily Schedule

    8:25-8:55     Morning work

    8:55-9:00      Tardy Bell/Announcements

    9:00-9:30       A.R./Storytime

    9:30-10:10       Specials (see schedule)

    10:10-11:05       Math

    11:05-12:10       Math/Reading Intervention

    12:10-12:40       SPA

    12:45-1:15         Lunch

    1:15-2:00          Reading

    2:00-2:50       Computer Lab (Week A-T,Th/Week B-M,W,F)

                           Science/Social Studies/Writing (When not in computer lab)

    2:55                Dismissal

    Classroom Rules & School Rules

    1. Listen carefully when others speak, pay attention and follow directions.
    2. Raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
    3. Respect others and their things, and always use good manners
    4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    5. Use your time wisely and stay on task.
    6. Follow directions given by adults, thank you for always being polite and helpful.
    7. No teasing, bullying, name calling or foul language.
    8. Stay on task.

    Behavior & Daily Work Rewards

    1. Students will be rewarded with “Swamp Bucks” as payment for homework handed in on time.
    2. Students will also be rewarded with “coupons” for following directions, staying on task and answering questions because of good listening, being a good citizen, helpful to others and so on.
    3. Students will be rewarded school wide and within the classroom with Eagle Bucks for various reasons. Eagle Bucks can then be used in the P.T.O. store (opened a few times a year only).

    Weekly Rewards

    1. Auction will be held monthly with “Swamp Bucks”
    2. Coupon draw will be held on Friday for small items.
    3. “Fun Friday” will be awarded to all those who hand in homework, finish classwork, and have no behavior problems anywhere within the school or bus.

    Discipline Plan

    • First infraction: Verbal warning.
    • Second infraction: Either Swamp Bucks OR Coupon will be taken away.
    • Third infraction: Time out with another teacher.
    • Fourth infraction: Student and teacher will call parent/note sent home.
    • Fifth infraction: Office Referral form will be sent home.

      We continue to use the Together We Lead chart. Please look for your child's behavior number written in their planner daily. We also have a Behavior Chart kept in the classroom with their daily numbers.