• Class Information

    Class Schedule

    8:30-9:05 Morning Procedures

    unpack, sharpen pencils, AR tests, library, board work, announcements

    9:05-9:28 Math

    9:28-10:10 Specials

    10:15-10:40 Math

    10:40-12:00 Language Arts

    12:00-12:45 Science/Social Studies

    12:45-1:15 Lunch

    1:15-1:45 SPA

    1:45-2:45 Continue Academics (Computer Lab)

    2:50-2:55 Dismissal

    Behavior Plan:

    Purple- Outstanding Leader! Reward + Note home

    Pink - Great Day!

    Blue - Way To Go

    Green - Ready to Learn

    Yellow - Think about It

    Orange - Time Out

    Red - Teacher Choice, Note home

    Specials -

    9:30 - 10:10

    My students divide and go to specials with another second grade class.  Their individual schedule is written in their Eagle Agenda. 

    Class Mission Statement -

    This year, we will always follow the 7 habits. We will work

    hard in class to learn. We will read every day, at home and in school. We will make good choices to stay above green on the behavior chart. We will be kind to others and make new friends. We will make good, safe choices. 


    Nightly: spelling, math, AR, Language Arts

    Weekly: 2 AR points are due by Friday.

    Monday: Please sign the Eagle Agenda so that you will be aware of the weekly activities.

    One note about AR-

    These are points that your child should be earning from personal reading.  Please make sure that your child is reading every night to continue practicing and improving their reading ability.  They may take AR tests and/or go to the library daily during school, but the vast majority of their reading is done at home.

    Friday's Sharpen the Saw Activities -

    Fun FRIDAY!! (Free fun activity choice when all weekly work requirements are completed,


    Jump with the Frogs!  Students earn AR prizes and recognition for each five points earned.

    Please contact me at:


    or 575-5475, ext. 152

    Memorizing multiplication facts is a very important math foundation skill.  Please help your child practice and learn them by the end of third grade.