• Class Activity


    Welcome to my home page, you will get all your homework needs from here.

      Agendas need to be signed daily.

    I-ready nightly, and 20 minutes of reading.

    Beckon, darting, contradiction, verdict, chimed, preserve, recognition, credible, judgement, boastful, transport, assembly, accident, blurred, pounced

    Project this week- **note not homework***

    Olympic project

    Do for all three

    1.)List the population of your country (10 pts.)

    2.)Where is your country located (example- U.S. the U.S. is located in North America, south of Canada and north of Mexico) 20 pts.

    3.)Ten facts about your country. (4 points per fact maximum 40 pts.)

    4.) Flag and coloring neatness. (30 pts.)

    5.)Presentation (100 points) 10 bonus points for bringing in a food dish

     Frobscottle- one to two page paper, with an intro, begining, middle and end.

    Students are to write a persuasive on a drink that they made up, they are to bring in a sample. (not for anyone to drink)