• Cambridge Exam Day

    Cambridge International Exams establishes all exam dates. Lemon Bay High School has no control over testing dates and Cambridge does not allow for make-up testing.  In some cases, students may be scheduled for two or three exams on the same day.  It is imperative that you are present for all of your exams.  Exams for most Cambridge courses take place on two separate days (usually called Paper 1 and Paper 2), and if any portion of the exam is missed, Cambridge will not grade any part. For example, if you sit for Paper 1, but are absent for Paper 2, Cambridge will not score your Paper 1.  LBHS pays for your exam in advance, so if you are not present during the exam times, you will be fined $125, to cover the cost of each missed exam. If AICE Global Perspectives is not completed in its entirety, the cost is $215; if AICE Digital Media & Design is incomplete, the cost is $64.85.  Any student reapplying for the AICE Diploma will need to include a $150 fee to cover this cost.

    Additional AICE Exam Request

    Lemon Bay students have several options for taking exams.  If a student takes an AICE exam in the spring and does not earn a passing score, they will have the option to retake the exam in the fall.  Students may also take an exam for some courses without sitting for the class.  Although this is not recommended, it is an option for students who are in their final year of the AICE Diploma and need additional credit for completion of the Diploma requirements.  Deadlines to submit Exam Retakes and Exam First Entry applications are August (Fall testing) and February (Spring testing).

    Exam Retakes and Exam First Entry application

    2024 Exam Request Application (for retakes and first entry)

    2024 Exam Dates

    2024 AICE Exam Schedule

    AICE College Credit

    Who takes AICE college credits?  Follow the links below for more information.


    AICE Exam Scores and Transcripts

    Students can access their exam scores at https://myresults.cie.org.uk.

    How do your exam scores compare to US college scores?

    Cambridge Grade

    US Grade

    Focus Score

    A*, A

    A+, A



    A-, B+











    Ungraded (U)