• Adult Learning Center Overview

    Adult Learning Center Overview 

    The Adult Learning Center works under the auspices of the Charlotte County Public School System to provide an assortment of programs for adult learners in our community.  We recognize that adult students have busy lives, and hope that by offering a variety of programs and locations, adult students can find the educational support they are looking for at a time and place that fits their schedules.

    Many of our students utilize our learning labs, which are open lab settings where students work independently to improve skills in preparation for occupational training and/or the GED exam. Students study at their convenience during day and/or evening hours.

    Assignments are based on missed questions from the Test of Adult Education (TABE). Teachers are available to guide the learning process and to assist in the understanding of areas that are difficult to the students. The length of time students need to improve their skills varies because individual student needs are different. Student progress is self-paced, and the required skill levels for the various goals are different.

    Other students take advantage of our classes, which include intermediate classes in math and reading/writing and classes for English for Speakers of Other Languages. Classes are offered at different locations and times, so please contact us at 941-255-7555 for information.

    In addition to our convenient locations listed below, the Center has a vibrant volunteer tutor program dedicated to working one-on-one with our students to develop their literacy skills.  More information about this program can be found by clicking here.

    We are very proud of our programs, our students, our instructors, and our tutors.   We publish Charlotte’s Literacy Web, a newsletter that highlights some of our people and programs, several times a year.    You can read Charlotte’s Literacy Web online by clicking here.

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