• Skills USA

    SkillsUSA is a national student organization serving students enrolled in career and technical education training programs at our   nation’s public high schools and colleges. SkillUSA’s mission is to help its   members become world-class workers and responsible American citizens.


    Our   Membership
      SkillsUSA has approximately 15,000 school chapters in 54 states and   territorial associations, and serves more than 300,000 members annually. Our   members are known in their schools and communities as leaders and skilled   professionals in training.

    Our   Partners
      Nationally, SkillsUSA enjoys support from more than 1,000 corporations,   businesses, associations and labor unions.

    SkillsUSA benefits students by:

    •   Teaching teamwork and leadership
    •   Reinforcing employability skills
    •   Offering a national contest program
    •   Providing ways to serve the local community
    •   Offering $1 million in scholarships annually
    •   Helping students meet potential employers


    SkillsUSA Championships

    The Skills USA Championships brings together industry and labor   representatives, educators and the public to watch students compete in   leadership and hands-on skill events for a full day. The SkillsUSA  championships begin at the local level with contests in classrooms   nationwide. Winner advance through district, regional and state competition,   and only the best make it to the national event. For more information about SkillsUSA, contact Barbara McCauley, 941-255-7500 x179.