Alumni Association

  • The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the mission of CTC through the establishment of mutually beneficial relations between the institution and its alumni and to provide support through growth, scholarships, and development. This network of professional and social connections is a great benefit. Alumni share their knowledge, talents, and resources in pursuit of job opportunities and career goals.

    If you complete a program at Charlotte Technical College, we encourage you to become an Alumni Association member. Please submit the Alumni Association Application. There is no charge to join. For more information, please contact

    We are working hard to increase the number of members and benefits for our alumni. We are also working to ensure that we provide the services that are critical to keeping alumni engaged and connected to our alma mater.

    None of our programs would be successful without the support of our alumni, so please consider the ways that you’d like to see yourself involved. Whether it’s attending alumni functions, mentoring a student, giving a guest lecture, volunteering on a committee, or donating back to CTC, the Alumni Association is all about you and your alumni experience. We look forward to your involvement and appreciate your feedback as we continue to grow and develop.

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