• New Opportunities for GED®  

    Through a new partnership with Florida Southwestern State College and Charlotte County Public Schools, we have created the GED® Pathway Program.

    This program will support our GED® Graduates with their first semester tuition at Florida Southwestern State College!

    For more information, follow this link Pathway to FSW!

    Career Counseling

    The Adult Career Center offers career counseling and current employment trends in Charlotte County.

    GED® graduates need to be in a strong position to compete with traditional high school graduates. Being college ready is more important today than ever. The vast majority of new jobs being created in the next 20 years will require certifications and degrees beyond a high school credential.

    Since 2014, a higher percentage of GED® graduates are attending postsecondary programs, are enrolling more quickly, and they are succeeding!

    Check out the certification programs at Charlotte Technical College. They will provide you with the information you need to get enrolled today!