• 8th Grade Computers

    2nd Period


    Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) - Version 2


    Entrepreneurship and Small Business is a certification from Certiport that ensures tomorrow’s leaders are prepared with what they need to get ahead in today’s competitive landscape in the business world. 


    Whether you are starting a bakery or launching the next billion dollar startup, ESB validates your understanding of:

    • Core business principles, including the essentials of launching and maintaining a successful company. 

    • Knowledge of entrepreneurial and small business principles


    The ESB certification engages learners who want to start their own business. It supplements an existing education, trade and/or skill set, to encourage enterprising individuals to follow their ambitions. 


    Benefits to this course:


    • Academic performance

    • School attendance

    • Interest in attending college

    • Increase in occupational aspirations

    • Leadership behaviors. 

    (US Department of Labor, 2020. Encouraging Future Innovation: Youth Entrepreneurship Education). 


    Final Project:


    • Your final group project will be the creation of a school-based business model which will include the departments of: Sales, Production, Marketing and Finance of a product or service that will benefit the teachers and/or the students here at LA Ainger. 


    Complimentary Activities:


    • Job Exploration and Soft Skills

    • Impromptu and Prepared Presentations

    • Problem Solving

    • Character and Leadership Skills

    • Computer Safety and Security