• The results of statewide, standardized assessments in ELA and mathematics, science, and social studies, including assessment retakes, shall be reported in an easy-to-read and understandable format and delivered in time to provide useful, actionable information to students, parents, and each student’s current teacher of record and teacher of record for the subsequent school year.

    In accordance with s.1008.22, the right of the parent to review statewide, standardized assessment results is provided via the parent’s login to his/her account in FOCUS (student information system), linked to the "Family Portal."  Individual Student Score Reports are published and distributed to school districts by the Florida Department of Education. Individual Score Report are four-page color reports. These student assessment reports contain the following information:

    • 1. A clear explanation of the student’s performance on the applicable statewide, standardized assessment.
    • 2. Information identifying the student’s areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.
    • 3. Specific actions that may be taken, and the available resources that may be used, by the student’s parent to assist his or her child based on the student’s areas of strength and areas in need of improvement.
    • 4. Longitudinal information, if available, on the student’s progress in each subject area based on previous statewide, standardized assessment data.
    • 5. Comparative information showing the student’s score compared to other students in the school district, in the state, or, if available, in other states.
    • 6. Predictive information, if available, showing the linkage between the scores attained by the student on the statewide, standardized assessments and the scores he or she may potentially attain on nationally recognized college entrance examinations.

    An individual student report will be provided in a printed format upon a parent’s request. Parents may contact their child’s school principal for a copy of this report and for guidance on how to login to FOCUS to access the Family Portal. Parents wishing to review school-wide and district-wide statewide, standardized assessment results may also visit the “Know Your Schools” Data Portal.