• Teacher Profile

    I am from little Rhody and relocated to Charlotte County in 2000 with my two sons.  I began my nursing career in Rhode Island and relocated to Florida as a cardiac nurse at Charlotte Regional Medical Center.  I changed my nursing career path and ended up at the Charlotte County Sheriff's office as a Health Services Administrator.  Through my contact with the Edison Nursing Program Manager, I discovered my passion to teach nursing through lectures I gave on mental health in corrections.  In 2007, I accepted a nursing instructor position at CTC teaching Dual Enrolled PN students.  On the first day, I introduced myself and went around the room letting each and everyone tell his or her own story.  By the afternoon, I learned that students are eager to learn through interaction.  I was full of positive energy.  I could not wait to get home to my family to talk about my first day.  I found my passion.  I obtained a Master's of Science in Nursing Education in December 2013.  After seven years of teaching, I was promoted to nursing program manager.  I am on my second academic year in my role and I am learning every day.  I am a learner.  My famous saying, "your brain or hands needs to be wrapped around a book or thought learning something in order for you to be credited for the day."