• Summer Work Directions!

    Posted by Michelle Lindsey on 4/9/2021

    Welcome to AP Literature!!! You are going to love-love-love this book! Yayyyy Senior Year!!!!


    Your task is to get The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah. 


    You can find this book on Amazon (new and used) for a decent price! 


    You do NOT have to annotate this book! Instead, you are going to complete either dialectical journals OR Flipgrid videos! 


    As you read The Nightengale, you will notice that setting plays a huge role within this novel! 


    Your task:

    1. Read the novel and pay attention to significant settings!

    2. Each time you see a super significant setting detail, journal it or record a video of yourself talking about it!

    3. You are looking for The 7 Functions of Setting!

    4. If you don't remember what the 7 Functions of Setting means, no worries. I'll attach a handout and I'll talk about it in the video link. 

    5. You need to either journal 15 entires or record 15 videos! 

    6. There isn't a set number of of how many entries you need per function of setting. Mix it up! :) 

    7. Email me with questions: michelle.lindsey@yourcharlotteschools.net 

    8. Or, Remind message me: https://www.remind.com/join/gosenior 

    or join by: Text: 81010 Message:@gosenior



    Note: You are either completing journals OR recording. Do not do a combination of both. I can't keep track of that. 




    You will need to join my Flipgrid class:

    Click here to join Flipgrid!


    Dialectical Journal Link:


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