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     An ExpPrivate Pilot erience within Your Reach!!

     Fly! It is probably something you have had in mind for a while. If you are an adventurous person, we are sure that at some point in your life you have wondered how exciting it would be to be able to manipulate the controls of an airplane and how it would feel in reality?




    Private Pilot

    The Private Pilot certificate is the kind of certification that most student pilots first seek and receive when they begin their career as a Professional Pilot in Aviation.Private Pilot

    Whether you want to fly for pleasure and/or for personal use. Or because you want to start a career as a Commercial Pilot; This is the certification with which it begins.

    Private Pilot Ground School

    Adults who enroll in this ground school course will be completing the portion of the requirements to obtain the FAA Private Pilot Certificate. The purpose of this 58-hour course prepares the students to take the FAA Private Pilot written knowledge test. A satisfactorily completed knowledge test expires 24 calendar-months after the month it was taken.

    After passing the written knowledge test you may begin flight training. The second part of your exam towards a Private Pilot License will be done in the airplane, so you need to receive flight instruction from a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), and get this training completed.


    Program Prerequisite Requirements,

    · Must be a High school or GED graduate


    Industry Certification or Accreditation

    · Private Pilot Ground School (available to take the Private Pilot written knowledge test)

    Next Start Date: August 10, 2021




    Continuing Education Enrollment

    Program Length: 4 weeks

    Cost: $1,415.20* (Click here for a detailed cost sheet * For Estimation Purposes Only. Prices Subject to Change.)

    Student Qualifications:

    · Students must be a high school or GED graduate

    · Student must submit an enrollment application

    · Student must submit a SimPilot membership application. (Free of Charge for students associated with Charlotte Technical College


    Steps to Enroll:

    · Complete the Application CLICK HERE

    · Enrollment Open January 2021