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  • Optional Re-Election of School Choice:  E-Learning Model

    Charlotte County Public Schools has created a NEW E-Learning Model that families can choose during a designated re-election window.  Each student’s re-election window is determined by his/her current school choice:  Brick and Mortar, Charlotte Virtual School, or Home Education.  Below you will find the following information:

    1. Description of the E-Learning Model for students instructed on Access Points or in an ESE Pre-K program
    2. Important information regarding the Phase I Re-Election Window
    3. Phase I Re-Election Form
  • This instruction option is designed for students with disabilities with an IEP specifying Access Point instruction or in an ESE Pre-K program wishing to choose a virtual learning model, rather than brick-and-mortar, but were unable or chose not to elect Charlotte Virtual School due to the inability of Charlotte Virtual School to meet the student’s individualized needs and services.   This Model includes the following: 

    • Offers synchronous & asynchronous learning for students with an IEP specifying ACCESS Point instruction and those Pre-K students with an IEP specifying specially designed instruction.
    • Will allow the continued provision of a Free and Appropriate Public Education, FAPE, in a setting chosen by the parent.
    • All instruction will be provided by a CCPS ESE teacher. The assigned ESE teacher will determine each student’s instructional schedule, including when that student will be receiving live, face to face interaction/synchronous instruction with his or her peers through an online platform, and when he or she will utilize tools such as Google Classroom or Canvas LMS to receive asynchronous instruction. 
    • Utilizes the same curricular materials that are used for instruction in the brick and mortar setting.
    • Pre-K students will also receive virtual instruction utilizing the same curriculum as their brick and mortar counter parts.
    • Students choosing to utilize the Charlotte Innovative E-Learning Model will receive related services as indicated in the IEP through a virtual platform such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meets.
  • The following students can elect the E-Learning Model during the Phase I Window which opens on September 17th and closes on September 23rd:  

    • All current Charlotte Virtual School students
    • All students in Brick and Mortar an IEP that requires Access Point Instruction or ESE Pre-K Services
    • All Home Education Students
  • Please note that ONLY students eligible for Phase I Re-Election Window who receive instruction in either an ESE Pre-K Program or requires Access Point instruction should complete the form found at the link below.  Families who want to choose the E-Learning Model must complete this form by September 23, 2020 at 11:59 PM.