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    8th Grade Computers - Business 3 
    Ms. Hall
    Punta Gorda Middle School
    Punta Gorda, Florida
    August 2020-May 2020


    Teacher: Ms. Hall
    Room: 302
    Email: christina.hall@yourcharlotteschools.net
    Homepage: https://www.yourcharlotteschools.net/Domain/3680 
    My Lesson Plans: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CgZt7mUJv1uaEtUD5BcVES8mVXdF77zAd6gGIgd6afg/edit#gid=583049758 

    Course Overview: Welcome to Ms. Hall’s’ 8th Grade Business 3 / Computer class. This document is designed to help you find materials, complete and submit assignments, and get help. My course uses Google Classroom, and in the event PGMS goes virtual or your child is absent from class, you can find all necessary materials and assignments there. 

    Where to Find Course Resources:  You can find all resources and links needed for our course on my webpage and / or in our google classroom.  We do not have a textbook, we have digital notebooks in our google classroom.  

    How to Submit Assignments Virtually: Video Tutorial: How to Submit Assignments in Google Classroom.  You are also welcome to email me the work if you are having trouble submitting.  

    Google Classroom Codes: Have your student go to Google Classroom in Classlink (PGMS Homepage) or go directly to www.classroom.google.com. Once they are there, you should see your student’s classes. If my class is not already there, click on the little “+” sign in the upper, right-hand corner and enter the following code as appropriate:

    Period 1 - ciendpe
    Period 2 - pheiiq7
    Period 3 - pvedwx6
    Period 4 - fb2m5ig
    Period 6 - isujx3u
    Period 7 - 4cdmldy

    Remind Information:  Join by text:
    Participants text a unique class or school code to a Remind phone number. For U.S teachers, the Remind number is 81010. For example, if you wanted to join a class with the class code @math, you would text @math to 81010.  My Remind class codes are:


    Period 1 - @726gagkfk2
    Period 2 - @b9gahbk44b
    Period 3 - @4g2ee92ga2
    Period 4 - @8fgc227kb4
    Period 6 -@d7ed47823b
    Period 7 - @fefc39ge2c

    How to Reach Ms. Hall: Feel free to email me anytime at christina.hall@yourcharlotteschools.net 

    How to Get Technological Help: 
    Teachers may be able to solve minor issues related to Google Classroom or any other instructional technology or instructional software used in the course. You should alert them when there is an issue. However, some things require more specialized help, and you should use the CCPS Helpdesk to seek a remedy. In all cases, please be patient, as CCPS does not provide 24/7 tech assistance.