Liang Wang

             Welcome to Chinese class.  I am looking forward to a great year. The following are some expectations for all my students throughout the year.

    1. DO NOT BE TARDY and NO YELLING IN THE HALLWAY! You are expected to sit down quietly and prepare for class to begin. Personal technology devices must be put away, or they will be confiscated.
    2. You will need to take notes! You must to bring a pen or pencil and a composition book to every class.
    3. Listen carefully in class. You will be required to read out loud and deliver oral presentations so you must be courteous and respectful while listening to your classmates. PLEASE, do not speak while I am teaching or addressing the class it is disrespectful and prevents learning.
    4. Show Respect for ALL others in the classroom no matter who they are.
    5. Be prepared to learn. Although foreign language classes are electives they are considered academic subjects and will be included in your transcript and GPA for college.
    6. Do not be afraid to try to speak the target language. You will not be the only one to make mistakes and remember, we can all learn from mistakes. Pronunciation may be difficult at first for everyone so remember not to laugh or make fun of anyone.
    7. Late assignments will not receive full credit. You will receive no more than 50% for late or incomplete assignments. If homework is given, please complete it at home ad return when due.
    8. Quizzes may be given without notice. Be prepared for a short quiz on any day.
    9. Absent students must assume the responsibility of requesting missing assignments immediately upon their return to class.
    10. Please, dispose of trash properly and leave room tidy with desks and chairs in place.
    11. Eating in the classrooms is against school policy. Refer to teacher for exceptions.
    12. You may not use technology without teacher’s approval. Using or charging your devices in the classroom is prohibited. The teacher may allow the students to use the device for educational purposes.
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