• You are enrolled in a college-level social studies course, and with this privilege comes likewise expectations. Failure to consistently adhere to the following expectations/procedures could jeopardize your opportunity to remain in the class.


    1. Consistent tardiness will not be tolerated. The district tardy plan will be followed.

    2. Cell phone/Electronic devices are only to be in use with the teacher’s permission. Students will place their phones in their book bags. Cell phones will be confiscated if they are not in their book bags or being used without the permission of the teacher

    3. Book Bags will not be permitted on the desks. Book bags will be placed under the chairs and only material for this class will be allowed on the desk.

    4. Restroom Procedure: Students should NOT make restroom usage a regular event. It will only be used in case of emergency.

    5. Absolutely no eating in the classroom will be tolerated (except on rare occasions that will be announced ahead of time).

    6. Sleeping is forbidden in this class.

    7. Students will be responsible for bringing all necessary course materials to class.

    8. All students will follow the Tarpon Fundamentals.

    9. There will absolutely be no physical horseplay in the classroom. Students will not be loud and/or obnoxious and will treat other students and the teacher with the utmost respect.

    10. Refer to the code of conduct policy concerning attendance. Late work can only receive up to 70 percent of its value.

    11. Student ID badges are to be worn at all times.

    12. No earbuds are allowed without teacher approval.


    1. Students will actively partake in note taking and class discussions.

    2. Students will read all required assignments in a timely manner.

    3. Homework will be handed in on the assigned dates.

    4. Students will engage other students in an intellectually respectful manner.

    5. All Advanced Social Studies students will have the following in their possession:

        a. notebook specifically for this course

        b. folder for the course

        c. pens/pencils for tests and note taking

    6. Students will be willing to participate in a variety of learning activities.

    Specific to DCUSH and AP Euro:

    1. Read assignments and pay attention in class.

    2. Take advantage of group test review sessions the morning of each test.

    3. Provide plenty of time to study for tests and write essays. Do not wait till the night before to begin assignments.

    Specific to AP PSYCH:

    1. To achieve a passing score (3, 4, or 5) on the AP test in May, you must:

        a. Read the Book!!!!! (note: you WILL NOT PASS THE AP TEST IF YOU DO NOT READ THE TEXT)

        b. Make additional notes in the lecture outlines provided on the Mr. Westin EDLINE lesson plans page. You should format the notes so that you can add to them as necessary.

        c. View the chapter power points that are also on the EDLINE home page. o Do due diligence when completing the note cards for each chapter.

        d. Learn to write effective Free Response Questions. To do this you need to master the content of each chapter and then define and link important information to answer the assigned questions.

        e. In addition, to do well in this class it does take a strong ability to read, understand, and analyze material which is most often at the college level.

        f. You are not required to write any research papers in this class for it is not part of the AP Psychology curriculum. However, it is vitally important that you gain a comprehensive understanding of famous people, theories, and terms associated with the AP Psychology curriculum.

        g. If you are struggling with the content of the course, and if you believe that it may be to challenging for you, we can have a conference and talk about ways to improve or if other placement for you would be better suited.