• Earbuds or headphones 


    Class Expectations:

    Please be aware of the following guidelines, rules, responsibilities, and expectations:   

      1. Arrive to class ON TIME, be in your seat when the bell RINGS.  Tardiness will not be tolerated (school policy).  
      2. Class materials are your responsibility unless provided via class set.  You must have your Chromebook with you at ALL times and it must be charged every night!!!  
      3. Hall Passes will be permitted only if you have your planner. (Library and Nurse Exclusion)
      4. Personal electronic devices are NOT permitted in class. Occasionally, you will be given permission when extenuating circumstances. Please reserve food/drink for lunchtime. 
      5. There is a no-tolerance policy for throwing objects of ANY nature in the classroom.   
      6. Please refrain from packing up belongings prior to the bell.  This causes a distraction and is considered rude, and therefore, unacceptable behavior.   
      7. Turn all work on time.  Your work will reflect your effort. Your effort will decide your grade.   
      8. Do your OWN work.  Plagiarism is a major academic offense on any level and will result in immediate administrative action.
      9.  Be respectful of yourself, those around you, and your instructor.  Respect includes words as well as actions.  Use appropriate language, follow directions, and keep an open mind when learning about other cultures, traditions, beliefs, and lifestyles.   


    •  Having technology in the classroom is a privilege.  All devices should be treated with respect.  Please do not drop machines, remove keys, or spill anything on the Chromebooks.