• Classroom Expectations

    All rules stated in the Charlotte County Public Schools Code of Conduct book will be enforced in this classroom, as well as any additional rules set forth by CHS. Each student is responsible for knowing the rules and adhering to them.

    In addition to these rules, the following are my personal expectations for your behavior in my room:

    1. Be seated in your desk and starting daily “Bellwork” when the tardy bell rings.
    • If you are late to class, you are expected to have a pass. The CHS Tardy Policy will be followed in the classroom.
    1. Bring the appropriate texts, materials, and assignments to class each day. Each student is expected to participate in class discussions regularly and listen actively. You will raise your hand to be recognized.
    2. Demonstrate respect for school property, as well as others personal property. My desk, computer, and personal belongings are off limits to students unless permission is requested and granted.
    3. Each student is expected to respect one another in the classroom and is expected to be respectful of any authority figure in the classroom. Disrespect of any person or their ideas/thoughts will not be tolerated.
    4. When the dismissal bell rings, remain seated until I dismiss you.
    5. Remain in your desk the entire period. Dispose of trash, etc. before the tardy bell rings or after dismissal. You are expected to use the restroom between classes and during your lunch period.
    6. Please keep the room neat and clean. You are responsible for the condition of your desk. Keep the desktop free of marks and place all trash in the wastebasket.
    7. Students are expected to sit up (no heads on desks) throughout the class period.
    8. Students are not permitted to complete work for other classes during my class time.
    9. Personal grooming, such as hair brushing, applying makeup or scented lotions, etc. is inappropriate classroom behavior. Items used in this manner will be confiscated.
    10. No cell phone use in class. My classroom is a RED ZONE; any cellphone use is prohibited, unless the student is otherwise instructed.
    11. No backpacks on desktops or in your lap; they need to be on the back of your chair or under your desk.
    12. Drinking (water excluded) and eating are not permitted in any classrooms on campus.
    13. The Golden Rule…your teacher and your peers will treat you with respect. You are expected to treat other students and the teacher respectfully.