The primary focus of TNN is to produce a daily news show.  As such, you will receive practice in:

    • Anchoring
    • Using a Teleprompter
    • Using a camera in studio
    • Using a camera in the field
    • Planning a package
    • Reporting
    • Editing for a news show
    • Getting information across creatively
    • Audience
    • Lights
    • Sound
    • Graphics

    Additionally, TNN students create videos for the school and a Senior Video, which is a montage video showing all activities that Seniors receive.

    If students are not yet certified in Adobe Premiere Pro, they are expected to become certified.  They will need to complete practice tests on their own and schedule times to take the test through the instructor.


    Grading Policy:

    TNN is an Honors level course and as such, requirements are more stringent than they were in early TV Production Courses.  Students are expected to work both in and out of school.  Because we are the providers of the school news, TNN students are expected to cover events that take place outside of school (attend, film, create a package) as well as what goes on in school.

    TNN Grades are comprised of the following:

    • In school videos (2 per week)
    • Anchor Segments (approximately 1 week per nine weeks)
    • Out of school videos (2 per month).  *This requirement will be modified while we are still under special protocols for COVID-19.
    • Senior Videos (2-3 per person).

    Outside of daily assignments, the Senior Video makes up a huge part of students' grades. Deadlines are incredibly important, and adherence to said deadlines has a strong effect on student grades.  If a student should fail to complete an assigned Senior Video, it has a tremendous negative impact on their grades.