ALL students in ALL classes should have a Flash Drive.  This flash drive is how you will turn in videos, as well as how you will save them so that you can take them home and show them off to parents, guardians, grandparents, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, the Amazon Delivery Driver, and whoever else will watch.  

    You will need something to film with (when we get to the part of the course where we can shoot our own videos).  You may use your phone to do this (you must bring a data transfer cable if you do this so that we can upload the videos).  If you do not want to use your phone or do not have a phone, you can bring an inexpensive point and shoot camera to film with.  If you do not have a camera or a phone I have a small number of point and shoot cameras that can be used in class only.  In order to film using school cameras, you will need an SD card (to record your videos).

    Earbuds or Headphones.  Each student needs a pair of earbuds or headphones.  Airpods will not work.  Earbuds/headphones must have a cord to connect to the computer.

    I recommend that all students have a folder dedicated to TV Pro so that they can access any paperwork that we use in class.



    ALL students MUST have a Flash Drive AND an SD Card.  I recommend a minimum of 32 GB.  You also need earbuds or headphones.

    Flash Drive SD Card earbuds