• General Classroom Expectations:

    • All rules set by Charlotte High School and CCPS will apply!
    • Students should be inside the classroom by the final bell, on task, and ready to learn every day!
    • Be prepared ~ everyday you must bring:
      • All items listed on the supply list
        • ESPECIALLY Pencil, Calculator, Paper, Binder/Notebook
    • Classwork will be due when the instructor collects it, by the due date or if a student is tardy as soon as they enter the classroom.
    • Students should clean up after themselves.
    • Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning.
    • Students will follow the Social Contract they created and signed in class.
    • Please leave food/drink outside the classroom. Water is OK.
    • Please no GUM in the classroom.
    • The use of any electronic device is prohibited (except chromebooks).

    Cell Phones are to be turned OFF and put away in your backpack upon entering the classroom.  If you are caught with your phone, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of class. 

    For safety reasons, backpacks will be kept in a designated area of the room, not at your desks.

    Grading Policies: