• Rules/Expectations:

    Arrive to class on time and ready to work.  Being on time means being seated and getting logged in when the bell rings.

    Eat and Drink OUTSIDE the classroom.  Please do not bring food or drinks into the lab.  You may have a closed water bottle, but it must remain on the floor or in your bag.

    Sign In/Sign Out is very important.  I need to know where you are at all times.

    Deadlines are important.  Just like in your future careers, you must meet deadlines set for you.

    Classroom computers are for Adobe Premiere ONLY.  Because we are being extra careful this year and classroom computers are shared, computers may only be used to access course programs.  Individual Chromebooks will be used for all other applications.

    Computers are for SCHOOL work.  Computers and Chromebooks are NOT for YouTube, social media, or other non-classroom related activities.

    Students must complete assigned work before participating in any other activities (other homework, phone use if permitted, etc.)

    Phones are NOT allowed in class UNLESS they are being used for recording/uploading videos.  Phones are a huge distraction and must be kept in backpacks unless I explicitly give permission for their use.  This is in ALL classes.

    Treat one another with respect.  This includes your daily interactions as well as your behavior as an audience when we present/critique your videos.

    Treat all equipment with respect.  All equipment should be handled with care and put away properly.  Passes are to be worn at all times and returned before the end of the period.