• Classroom Expectations

    All policies in the CCPS Code of Conduct will be enforced. 

    Be on time

    Be in the classroom and in your seat when the bell rings.

    Use the restroom before the bell rings. There will be a restroom

    signout sheet for emergency use only.

    Be ready to begin class

    Bring your notebook and pen or pencil to class every day.

    Be ready to begin the bell ringer activity at the bell.

    Homework is due at the beginning of the period.

    Be attentive in class

    Pay attention to instructions and directions.

    Ask questions when you need clarification.

    Listen while others are speaking and don’t interrupt.

    Please raise your hand for recognition to speak.

    Be neat in the classroom

    Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom

    Dispose of all litter in the waste basket.

    Replace books on the shelves at the end of the class period.

    Don’t write on books, desks or walls in the room.


    Use of Technology:

    My code is red. You may use technology only when

    the teacher indicates. Otherwise it should be put away during class.


    Make up Work:

    If you are absent from class it is your responsibility to get your makeup work and complete it in within the 2 day allowance. If you need to schedule a makeup test or quiz please arrange it with me either before or after school. If you need to contact me outside the school day my email is: kathy.vitali@yourcharlotteschools.net